The Bed Before Yesterday

by Ben Travers


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
June 15th - 22nd, 1985

Cast List

Victor Keene : Alan Lipscomb
Alma : Erica Johns
Mrs Holley : Joan Walsh
Aubrey : Will Perry
Ella : Dawn Williams
Lolly Tucker : Pat Scott
Felix : Michael Gale
Fred Castle : Michael Gabe

The Bed Before Yesterday


The Bed Before Yesterday

Production Team

Director : Tricia Gregor
Set Design : Tom Gregor
Lighting Design : John Christie
Costume Design : Sheila Burbidge

Stage Manager : Chris Seal
ASMs : Roanne Carey, Jane Ely
Lighting operator : Fiona Black
Sound operator : Gordon Hall
Wardrobe : Fiona Boyle, Sue Gardner
Set construction : The Pink Stuff Boys & members of the cast and crew