The Entertainer

by John Osborne


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 30th - June 7th, 1969

Cast List

Billy Rice : Clyde Jones
Jean Rice : Suzanne Doggett
Archie Rice : Terence Marlow
Phoebe Rice : Allison Purcell
Frank Rice : Bill Dudley
William "Brother Bill" Rice : Hyam Gilbert
Graham Dodd : Colin Monk
Britannia : Sarah Falber
Revue Girls : Rosalind Fedor, Pat Parry, Angela Culbert, Pam Bentley
Theatre Band : Brian McLoone, Percy Fedor, Peter McGowan, Gerald Teacher, Bob Sumerling, Mick Sutton

The Entertainer


The Entertainer

Production Team

Director : Robert Pennant Jones
Set Design : Frank Corkery
Lighting Design : Peter Edwards
Music composed by Brian McLoone
Choreography : Dinny Jones

Stage Manager : Larry Baines
DSM : Kathy Ferguson
ASMs : Eve Smith, Angela Culbert, Douglas Blackstock, Chris Taylor, Janine Szynkman, Danny McCarthy
Switchboard : Sue Maynard
Wardrobe : Eve Smith
Assistant producer : Ivo Cardozo
Set construction : Ian Szynkman, Bob Davy, Peter Hartley