The White Devil

by John Webster


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
May 9th - 24th, 1969

Cast List

Cardinal Monticelso, afterwards Pope Paul IV : Phillip Fasham
Francisco de Medici, Duke of Florence : Trevor Williams
Duke of Brachiano : Brett Lane
Giovanni, his son : David Taylor
Lodovico, in love with Isabella : Martin Kinna

Antonelli : Edward Bell
Gasparo : Nick Lynch
Friends to Lodovico

Camillo, husband to Vittori : Ron Brooker
Hortensio, officer to Brachiano : John Page
Marcello, brother to Vittoria : John Bell
Flamineo, brother to Marcello : Larry Barnes
English Ambassador : Ron Brooker
Savoy Ambassador : Alan Brown
Spanish Ambassador : Keith Hewett
French Ambassador : Fred Fiorentini
Lawyer : John Page
Dr Julio : Alan Forrest
Physician : Keith Hewett
Conjuror : Nick Lynch
Courtier : Alan Forrest
Isabella, sister to Francisco : Julie Thompson
Vittoria Corombona, wife to Camillo : Polly Booth
Cornelia, her mother : Gwen Grounds
Zanche, a Moor : Stella Reynold
Matron at the House of Convertites : Dolly Wraight
Lady-in-Waiting : Dolly Wraight

The White Devil


The White Devil

Production Team

Director : Brian Tapply
Set and Lighting Design : Bill Dudley

Stage Manager : Tony Newman
ASMs : James Houston, Sebastian Murray, Hazel Shipley-Headley, Janet Drapper, Peter Carroll, Janet Murray, Gerald Coleman
Sound : Cathy Bird
Switchboard : Rod Dungate
Set construction : Peter Carroll, Larry Baines, Terry Murphy