by Edward Bond


Tower Theatre, Canonbury
February 2nd - 10th, 1968

Performed for members and guests only, as at the time the play was not licensed for public performance

Cast List

Len : Bill Dudley
Pam : Suzie Hughes
Harry : Peter Dawson
Mary : Jean Doody
Fred : Peter Burton
Pete : John Turner
Colin : Roger J Frost
Mike : Michael Chesden
Barry : Andrew Kyprianou
Liz : Angella Chadfield




Production Team

Director : Colin Ley
Set Design : Sue Plummer
Lighting Design : David Richards

Stage Manager : Hazel Sharples
ASMs : Owen Walters, Georgina Willerton, Tom Gregory, Sue Formiston, Sally Kirkwood, Ray Lewis, Pamela Mann, Enid Wright
Set construction : Ian Szynkman, Sue Plummer, Howard Clarke and members of the company