In 2008, the Tower's Social Group challanged members to complete the
Tower Treasure Trail

Here's three London's sights that the teams had to discover :

The clue was "Neither a church nor a boozer this" - Temple Bar now stands in Paternoster Square

This foxed quite a few - you see, Justice is NOT blind after all!

"Stood on a corner, you might think I'm cold, but like Shirley Eaton, I'm covered in gold!" Despite the dreadful poetry, many managed to find the Fat Boy of Pye Corner.


Despite all our expectations, the sun shone and the birds coughed (well, this is London after all) as almost 40 Tower members and Friends formed 16 teams to trek round the City on the Tower Treasure Trail.

The organisers, Celia Reynolds and Jeff Kelly were seriously impressed that so many reached high scores - nine teams scored 48 or more out of a potential 52 points, so that means that the next Treasure Trail will have to be much more difficult!

The first prize was awarded to Richard Pedersen and Stephen Brasher who only missed one point from a total wipeout, and the joint runners-up were Zizi Sulkin and Ros Miller, together with Ruth Sanderson and Jonathan Norris. John Cornwell and his stepson Henry sauntered back to be awarded the "well, at least they had a go" prize.

The Black Friar pub provided a perfect spot to rest those tired feet, enjoy lunch and down a reviving glass or three afterwards.
Many thanks to all who took part and those who kindly donated prizes.