A mini As You Like It


The Tower was recently commissioned to present an hour-long version of As You Like It for two charities based in Canonbury. Two private performances were given in a large garden near our old home at Canonbury Tower.
We were paid a fee to perform, so that helped Tower funds, and the events were also a chance to remind people in the area that we are still going strong.

Although the dress rehearsal was wet, the weather for the two performances was excellent, and we were rewarded with full houses and generous applause.

The script was adapted and the show was directed by Penny Tuerk.


Chris Paddon was Stage Manager

Tess Walsh & Martin South


Chris Holmes, Mark Simmonds & Paul Rutledge
Rowan Tafler & Chris Peregrine (foreground)

Martin South, Paul Rutledge & Chris Holmes


Vicky Booth, Rowan Tafler & Lisa Castle

Tracey Kent & Chris Peregrine


John McSpadyen & Tess Walsh

Chris Peregrine, Tracey Kent, Lisa Castle & Vicky Booth


Mark, Vicky, Rowan, Paul, Lisa, Chris P & Tracey

Costumes were by Nigel Martin and Sheila Burbidge. Stage Management by Chris Paddon and Harriet Wynder.
Production Manager was Laurence Tuerk

Photography by Laurence Tuerk